Month: <span>April 2015</span>

Relationship break-ups are one of the main reasons that people break their leases. And, while most reasonable landlords will be understanding about this sort of thing, some won’t, and this can create a serious financial problem for those living paycheck to paycheck. In fact this is the very reason why some landlords are reluctant to rent to unmarried couples.

So, before you go out and rent an apartment with your girlfriend, think things through. Are you really headed for marriage, or is this just a temporary thing that could end at any time? My advice is only to move in with a woman if you think you will be with her long-term, or if you will be able to keep paying the rent on your apartment without her assistance.

Be honest with yourself. Is your relationship hitting a wall? Are you constantly bored with where you are right now in your relationship? Maybe it is about time to re-assess, either move on or stick with it.

Once you have figured that out, the next step is making a real internal commitment to the health of your relationship. If you are serious, I’d recommend studying up on the topic of how to keep your relationship thriving. Here are a few tips to get you started.

One of the key things is that you want to be sure to keep her desiring you sexually. If you let the passion fade she will start seeing you as a “male roommate” rather than as a boyfriend or lover, and that’s never a good thing. The key is to stimulate her emotions and keep her feeling sexually turned on and attracted to you.There are many ways to do this, one of the best resources I’ve found is something called The Desire System, which shows how to use new research on female desire that was conducted by an Asian Dr. named Dr. David to get women desiring you very passionately. You can watch a video about the desire system here.

The truth is that relationship plateau happens to everyone. Your situation isn’t any different from everyone else, but if you believe that you are stuck on a boring plateau in your relationship then you need to take action while there is still time.

One of the first things you should do is tell your loved one how you feel. It is better to work on your relationship together rather than doing it yourself. Helping each other will help you discover new things about yourself and your loved one.

It also helps to be vulnerable to show your loved one that you are human and also makes mistakes. A line of communication between you and your loved one will go a long way to revitalizing your relationship.

Try doing new things together. Rehash the usual movie and dinner dates and do something that you both have been planning to do for a long time. Go on a trip to Hawaii or Mexico, do something exciting like hiking, scuba diving, or skydiving. Doing a new activity or a new trip with your loved one helps both of you create new experiences that you both can share.