Month: <span>March 2015</span>

Looking for an apartment that fits one’s preference can be easy. But one has to have some sort of mental checklist as a guide before finally signing that lease contract. Before going over signing a deal, here are some pointers to ponder on.

The first thing one needs to give careful attention to is the contract of lease. One has to scour carefully what is in the contract. It has the following policies that is needed to be obeyed while living in the rented space, and to keep one protected from complaints and misunderstandings.

Immediately ask if there is a parking space available or a bike parking area if one has an automobile. One doesn’t want his or her vehicle parked along the streets because of the possibility of it being towed, hit, or stolen.

Also, check if the apartment allows pets. There are buildings and residential villages which are strict when it comes to the enforcement of their policy of keeping pets away from the building. So if one has a small pooch or kitty, consider a flat that allows them to live, roam around or walk along the area.

The next point to look out for is if all the electric outlets work. It is for the appliances one will use and other gadgets. Take a small nightlight, plug it in the power outlet and test if it lights up. If there are plugs that do not work, request for them to be fixed. If not, then label them if one is ready renting the place.

One should also check the utilities, appliances, and furniture if they work and if they are in good condition. Heaters, wifi, air conditioning, and tap are needed to be checked and tested before considering whether one will settle in a flat. Also, check the stove if there are signs of burning.

Check for pests or any signs of infestation inside cabinets, along the floor, on the carpet, or behind the refrigerator. Also examine the bathroom and kitchen if there are molds. Let the leaser contact a pest control agent before moving into the flat.